Not only do we respect the value that diverse views, diverse experiences and diverse backgrounds bring to a law firm and its relations to clients, but we whole-heartedly embrace it.

Smith Hurst considers it the sine qua non and vital thread that runs through the very fabric and essence of our firm. We simply believe that it is not possible to maximize our value to our clientele without having a diverse group of lawyers on which to derive sound guidance to our clients. We believe this diversity fosters creativity, learning and allows us to execute and learn faster than our peers.

Smith Hurst actively promotes diversity as a core value and top priority and we are proud that our firm’s first managing partner is Rebecca Hurst. We purposefully seek to attract, mentor, and retain the very best legal talent from all backgrounds, and foster a culture in which all employees are empowered to achieve their maximum potential both from a professional and a personal perspective. 

A mandate of Smith Hurst is to continue to review our existing diversity practices and develop specific, realistic strategies and policies for enhancing and strengthening our diversity efforts. Our diversity policy focuses on the following three major components which are equally weighted:

Recruiting Talent
Increasing opportunities to hire minority, women and other attorneys of diverse backgrounds.

Retaining Talent
Facilitating access to clients and assigning matters that will help all attorneys thrive in the firm. Strengthening policies that allow for family-friendly work arrangements.

Coordinating Greater Community Outreach
Supporting and actively participating in key bar and legal associations and committees, business organizations and groups that are focused on specific diverse constituencies or general diversity goals.

Not only does Smith Hurst benefit from great diversity among our personnel, but so, too, does the entire legal industry. With our forward-looking policies and continual efforts to improve our diversity programs, we hope to set the bar for hiring and promoting women and minorities in both partner and management positions throughout the legal profession.